Best LMS Software For Leadership Training Courses In 2024

Best LMS Software For Leadership Training Courses In 2024
Summary: Are you looking for the best leadership training courses to develop your leaders? Get certifications and coaching with the top LMSs!

Which Are The Best Leadership Training LMS Software Choices For 2024?

Maybe you're looking to level up your skills as a leader, or perhaps you want to help your aspiring leaders guide the organization and team to benchmarks of success. Then you must be looking for the best leadership training courses. LMS software is an easy solution to the problem. By implementing leadership training programs with an LMS, you've got an intuitive tool that will improve the skills you and your team members need to lead more effectively.

Leadership training makes sure ambitious front-runners get all the skills they need to become well-rounded and more effective leaders. While some leadership training courses are taught in person, many companies decide to offer online leadership courses. Besides, busy employees usually prefer to learn at their own pace and on their own time.

Did you know that 58% of businesses claim that closing leadership skills gaps is their top priority? More often than not, you'll need your employees to get some manager training. There will even be times when leadership certifications might be needed. From supervisor training and team leader training to management classes, coaching, and workshops, choosing one of the best LMS software options in the market is an ideal solution.

Let's find out the best leadership training LMS software you can pick for 2024 and beyond!

What's The Best Learning Management System?
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Award-Winning LMS Tools For Leadership Training Courses

Best LMS Software For Leadership Training Courses In 2024

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Grow Tomorrow's Industry Leaders Through Exceptional Training Solutions Today

iSpring Solutions is a forward-thinking eLearning software provider dedicated to fostering effective leadership through innovative training methodologies and advanced digital learning technologies.

Explore their website to learn how you can revolutionize leadership training with a modern LMS and book a free demo.

Explore iSpring Learn.

Read iSpring Learn reviews.


  • Build Interactive Leadership Modules
  • Create Personalized Learning Paths
  • Track Learner Progress In Real Time


  • Build Interactive Leadership Modules

Engage learners with immersive learning experiences to foster practical skills through hands-on training and real-life scenarios.

  • Create Personalized Learning Paths

Customize your training according to learners' needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Empower them with individualized skill development for better results.

  • Track Learner Progress In Real Time

Monitor leadership growth with detailed progress reports to build effective assessment practices for targeted improvement and trainee growth.

Plans And Pricing

iSpring Learn LMS provides flexible pricing options for companies and teams of different sizes. Choose a plan suitable for your leadership training needs and budget. iSpring Learn starts at $2.29 per user per month, billed annually. Custom plans are available.

The Rockstar Learning Platform Comes Bundled With Top Leadership Training Courses

ELB Learning offers authoring tools and learning platforms, as well as turnkey and custom learning solutions. They can help you develop strong leaders with custom or off-the-shelf courses deployed on the Rockstar Learning Platform.

See all their LMS features and request a free trial on their site.

For Rockstar Learning Platform reviews, go ahead and visit our directory.


  • Course Libraries
  • Microlearning Module Builder
  • Translation And Localization


  • Course Libraries

It includes built-in courseware libraries from BizLibrary, Open Sesame, Trailiant, and ELB Learning to drive leadership development.

  • Microlearning Module Builder

Author quick microlearning for new leaders on the fly, right inside the Rockstar Learning Platform.

  • Translation And Localization

Build a diverse group of global leaders. Customize the UI for your learners' language.

Plans And Pricing

If you're looking for an affordable LMS and LXP with built-in courseware content bundles, the Rockstar Learning Platform is ideal. What's more, it scales with you. Even large enterprises with globally dispersed offices have nothing to worry about. Pricing is based on the learner and admin count. Get a customized quote or ask for a free account at their website.

Deliver Seamless Leadership Training, Invest In Building High-Performing Teams

CommLab India designs and develops performance-oriented leadership training programs to develop first-time managers, upskill, and reskill leaders. EffectusLMS makes it easy to deliver and track learning and offers analytics.

Offer leadership training that is timely, focused, collaborative, immersive, and experiential.

Want to learn more about the UX? Read EffectusLMS reviews in our directory.


  • Build Learning Efficiencies
  • Encourage Collaboration
  • Track Progress


  • Build Learning Efficiencies

Use EffectusLMS to deliver eLearning and a wide range of microlearning assets such as videos, quizzes, PDFs, and infographics.

  • Encourage Collaboration

Leverage EffectusLMS to facilitate virtual sessions; set up online discussion forums for leaders to discuss issues, solve case studies, and more.

  • Track Progress

Roll out periodic assessments to help managers check their retention, scenarios to test their skills, and more—from EffectusLMS. Set up learning paths and unlock achievements based on performance. Get custom reports that help you make informed decisions.

Plans And Pricing

Customize your leadership training program with EffectusLMS. Add courses, set learning paths, offer collaboration options, and more. Set up dedicated cohorts for first-time and experienced managers. Managers are a busy bunch, but EffectusLMS is easy to use and intuitive.

4.5/5 (13 reviews)
New-Age Learning Platform, Empowering With Seamless Integration

A cutting-edge, cost-effective eLearning platform, revolutionizing learning with bite-sized microlearning courses. You'll enjoy how it fosters community-driven collaboration through its varied features and seamless integration. Are you ready to discover the future of learning with KREDO?

Explore the ease of creating and hosting leadership training courses with limitless knowledge.

Go through the KREDO reviews in our directory for more info.


  • Microlearning
  • Effortless Authoring
  • Seamless Integration


  • Microlearning

KREDO revolutionizes learning with micromodules, breaking content into bite-sized chunks for focused engagement, knowledge retention, and unparalleled flexibility.

  • Effortless Authoring

It empowers novice authors with intuitive course design, akin to working on PowerPoint, fostering creativity and collaboration through social learning and discussion forums.

  • Seamless Integration

KREDO seamlessly integrates with your in-house systems, offering robust APIs for deep data analysis, powerful assessment and gamification tools, memory boosters, and customizable reporting.

Plans And Pricing

KREDO is one of the best LMS solutions for leadership training, as it offers a cost-effective learning platform. Not only does it foster engagement, but it helps drive knowledge retention. It empowers authors, integrates seamlessly with existing tools, and embraces AR, ML, and VR while promoting professional growth for individuals and teams.

Top List Rankings: eLearning Industry's LMS Selection Criteria

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas and our Editorial team, thoroughly reviewed each vendor's eligibility and relevant published content (articles, eBooks, webinars). Our committee ranked the best Learning Management Systems for leadership training courses on the following nine criteria:

  • Customer support
  • Customer experience
  • Software features
  • Software innovation
  • Customer reviews
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company's customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Company's social responsibility

Now that you've gone through the rankings, you can dive a little deeper and find out how to choose the best LMS for leadership training courses. Remember to leverage all the insights we've shared below. All our tips will definitely help you make your final LMS decision. You can use this top list as a guide for choosing the ideal leadership training LMS solution!

Benefits Of Training Leaders With An LMS

You cannot underestimate the importance of training leaders with an LMS.

Offering top leadership training programs means that you can identify and hone the necessary expertise for creating effective leaders. Thus, the right training program can help your employees build the needed skills to advance their leadership careers.

The most interesting leadership skills to develop are the following:

  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Analytical thinking
  • Goal setting
  • Decision making
  • Flexibility
  • Accountability

One of the main benefits of using an LMS for leadership training is that you can deliver short-paced sessions. In fact, many of these tools come with libraries full of ready-made leadership training courses. You can even add one-to-one or group coaching to your mix. Most importantly, an LMS allows you to ensure that leadership training is a collaborative effort.

By using an LMS for leadership training courses, your aspiring leaders get to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Increase engagement
  • Decrease turnover
  • Influence team members
  • Negotiate better
  • Manage conflict
  • Implement strategies
  • Foster team cohesion
  • Critically make decisions

No more shortage of leadership! There isn't a smarter and more cost-effective way to bridge the leadership skills gap in your company. Notably, an LMS delivers engaging, on-demand training. Best of all? You can customize leadership training based on what your learners need and want. No one is born a leader—but with the right tools and training, anything can happen.

Nurturing leaders who help your company grow is critical. Just make sure to choose the tool that fits your business.

Best Practices When Using An LMS For Leadership Training Courses

Your online learning platform is key to developing a new generation of leaders. But what are the best practices when using an LMS to train rising and current leaders within your organization?

Truth be told, your organization cannot survive for long without good leadership. To avoid future failure, you must ensure that your team is never short of leaders. Thankfully, you can use an LMS to train new leaders in your organization. By growing your leaders in-house, not only do you get to save money, but you make sure that you're ready for what's to come.

Here are a few steps you should follow for successful leadership training with an LMS.

Create A Leadership Program

Of course, this is the most obvious approach. If you want to build your own courses, you can use an LMS to develop and deliver leadership training programs. You can offer this program to the future leaders you've identified or leave it open to anyone who aspires to a managerial role. Many LMS owners use their LMS to manage leadership or management training programs.

Focus On Leadership Soft Skills

Soft skills training is a must when training new leaders. Without giving out your whole plan, you can start introducing courses to specific people you believe need to improve soft skills and interpersonal attributes in your company. Usually, such training benefits most people who take on increased responsibilities. For example, using an LMS is ideal for helping rising leaders improve active listening, negotiation, persuasion, problem solving, conflict management, and collaboration skills.

For example, plenty of LMS solutions offer a content library. Just make sure that the LMS you choose has various leadership training topics.

Use Competencies And Skills Gap Tracking

Assessing core competencies and skillsets should be one of your main goals. That's how you stop skills gaps from growing. It's all about finding the best candidates who may become future leaders in your organization. An LMS is key to identifying the best candidates for leadership roles when they arise. For instance, you can identify internal candidates for leadership job roles by using course completion data and custom AI. Not to mention again how important LMS reporting is.

Encourage Engagement And Build A Growing Culture

An LMS empowers you with all the tools to help managers, team leaders, and the rest of your workforce to easily share knowledge throughout the organization. Learning playlists, AI learning recommendations, collaboration workspaces, and gamification of learning are only some of the ways an LMS helps you engage your rising stars. The best LMS software choices in the market offer detailed analytics. These alone help you identify who has wholeheartedly embraced your leadership training courses (and, just as importantly, who hasn't). Promoting leaders from within your organization becomes an advantage, making your employer brand look even more inviting. Aligning leadership training with performance management is key to creating a culture of continuous improvement.

What To Consider Before Choosing Your Leadership Training LMS Software

An LMS is ideal if you want to simplify the learning process for businesses and educational institutions alike. That said, if you've decided to invest in an LMS for leadership training, you must be looking for a platform that will help you scale your training efforts and grow your business.

Choosing the right LMS is not easy, though, as there's an abundance of tools and features you can leverage. That, combined with different pricing options and plans, makes choosing an LMS for leadership training even harder.

However, here are a few steps you can take when choosing your ideal LMS.

Find An LMS That Specializes In Leadership Training

Not all LMSs are built the same. If you want to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow, you need an LMS built for leadership training. Not just an LMS for employee training. Make sure they've got success stories in leadership development. Ask them to showcase their course catalog. Most importantly, see if they can help you create custom courses for your team.

Focus On Important LMS Features

Depending on what you want to achieve through your leadership training programs, there are certainly some critical features you should look out for. For example, you'll need your leadership training LMS to have ease of use. Reporting and tracking is a critical factor when it comes to leadership training. Add to that a bit of AI as well. Other must-have features have to do with integrations, as well as SCORM and xAPI compliance. Then, there's gamification and leaderboards. And, of course, the content library; after all, not all businesses have time to create their own courses.

Look For Social Proof And Awards Won

Well, you have to be satisfied with a company's reputation if you're going to give them your money, right? Make sure to check peer reviews and support services. Have these LMSs won any awards? Were they relevant to leadership training? Also, see if there are any complaints about the responsiveness and attentiveness of each support team. For example, you can take a look at the submitted LMS reviews in our directory. Plenty of users have shared the pros and cons of hundreds of tools in there. Trust me, you need to know if anyone is going to help you when you cannot access your LMS courses at 11 pm.

Evaluate Each LMS By Signing Up For A Free Trial

Sure, you've found two or three LMS software options that check the mark for leadership training. And they all have the features you need. Now what? Well, the selection process becomes a bit more manageable when you actually evaluate each LMS on your shortlist. That's the only way you can see how potential contenders stack up to each other. And most importantly, by taking LMS free trials, you get a high-level idea of how the tool works and what its main capabilities are. The look and feel of each LMS will help you determine the ideal tool for your leadership training programs. Don't buy an LMS just because a rep sold it well. Test it on your own.

We surely hope this top list helps you not get overwhelmed by the hundreds of options. Instead, you can choose amongst the best LMS tools specifically for leadership training courses.